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Specialising in international money transfer and foreign currency exchange, GFX is the place to securely relocate your funds in and outside of Australia. Avoid large bank charges and choose us. We offer you competitive rates whilst keeping the transaction fees low. Our large network of customers has been built on the trust and satisfaction. Our procedure is simple; paperwork is minimal and we can help you avoid the hassle.

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About Us

Established in 2008, GFX has aimed to provide high quality services to its customers in different areas of money remittance, money exchange and financial consultation.

We are committed to providing a secure and fast way for customers to send money to their families and businesses overseas. We believe at the heart of every successful business is their relationship with their clients by fostering an environment that allows them to confidently experience their needs be resolved with ease and reliability.

Our history of trust and expertise in the every fluctuating market ensures our ability to deliver financial satisfaction to our clients while ensuring a professional environment for all transactions.

We are a team of financial experts working together to achieve the best results for all of our clients. With over 15 years of experience in this industry at various levels, we place our customer’s needs and privacy at the forefront of our endeavours. We aim to provide accurate information upon which clients can select the most suitable option to complete their transactions.

We understand decision making in a dynamic market can be a difficult task with the diversity of views that exist and so we attempt to provide financial advice that best promotes the prospects of our clients.

Our Network

Fast, Easy and Secure

With three easy steps, you will be transferring
money offshore in no time!


Call us or visit one of our locationsto quickly get registered and get the ball rolling! If you are already registered, you are already a step ahead!


We can accept your payments either in person or via bank transfers. Get in touch with us to discover the best option for you.


Have your details ready! Who will be receiving the funds and how should we each them? With branches at multiple locations around the globe, we can ensure we will find a way to get to your family and friends overseas.

At GFX we ensure all transactions are carried out according to the legal requirements of the Australian Government and AUSTRAC. We ensure your details are kept completely confidential. Your privacy matters to us.


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Low Fees

The banks charge you ridiculous fees but we thrive to keep them as low as possible and keeping the transaction rates as competitive as possible.

Fast & Easy

We understand our client’s needs. So in 3 easy steps we allow you to send your money abroad! Scroll up and see how easy it is for yourself.

Safe & Secure

Your trust is our capital. Our processes are secured against malice and theft. We keep all your information private and confidential.


Phone: 02 8677 3762


231 Pitt St
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Trading Hours:

Everyday 10am - 6pm
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What Our Customers Have To Say.

I was referred to GFX by a friend. Their honesty in the delivery of funds has bought my trust and made me a long term client.
John Smith
When I first heard about the rates I was surprised! I no longer need to deal with heavy bank charges
Rosey Rays
They are helpful and friendly. It’s more than a business. Having dealt with them for over 5 years, I have become close friends